Weekend Wind-Down: Glow Flow Yoga, Porch Fest, and Charleston Coffee Cup

Weekends are super special since my fiance has been working out of town Monday through Friday for the last six months. We have to cram so much together time into not many actual hours, and we have to juggle my teaching schedule on top of that. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive partner…and I’ll be so glad when he’s finally home for longer than 36 hours!

Friday: Glow Flow Yoga


I am so incredibly blessed to teach at some amazing studios here in Charleston, and one of those studios is One Love Group Fitness, which hosted Glow Flow Yoga on Friday night with a live DJ. This was the very first event of its kind at the studio, and the beats of DJ Arey set the tone for a heart-pumpin’, booty-shakin’, sweat-flowin’ (this last one might have just been me…) yoga class to shake off the stress of this crazy week. There were some technical glitches that we worked through, but overall it was an amazing time: smiling faces, high energy, and a sweet, sweet savasana with the sounds of the bass pumping along with our hearts. How is this my job?!


Saturday: Suds & Savasana and Porch Fest

In another episode of “How is this my job?!”: I love all of my classes dearly, but there is something so magical about the beer yogis who come out each Saturday morning to Low Tide Brewing. I feel SO strongly committed to creating community through yoga, and these beer yogis do it BIG. Friendships are forged and barriers are broken, and these connections are cemented with poses and pints. For the past few weeks, we’ve also been holding a food drive with each Saturday class, and next week is our big raffle giveaway with some amazing prizes from some of my local favorites, like Charleston Community Yoga, Veg Out, Holy Smoke Olive Oil, and more.

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A few of my fearless and fun beer yogis!

After yoga at the brewery, we went to Folly Beach for Porch Fest. It was a cold afternoon on the beach, but it was so fun to wander around to all the different porches hosting musicians. Of course, our favorite was our friend Eddy Boston, but all the musicians were fantastic! Among the favorites from the other musicians was a perfect cover of Prince’s “Kiss.”

Sunday: Charleston Coffee Cup

Processed with Snapseed.Even one cup of coffee in the early morning means I’ll be sleeping never, but we couldn’t pass up free tickets to this event given to me by another yoga teacher as thanks for subbing her classes. It was a rainy, gray morning in Charleston; the perfect weather for wandering around this indoor event, sipping lots of coffee (I’ll be awake for days). We got the cutest little Le Creuset cups, and my favorite coffee creation was this “Bourbon Barrel Old-fashioned,” complete with orange and cherry in my little tiny cup.

Now it’s time to relax and enjoy one last evening with my favorite person before he’s back to work and gone from home all week. I hope your weekend was wonderful and the upcoming week just gets even better!

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