About Me

Yoga is all about connection, and I’m so glad you’ve connected with me here. I’m committed to sharing a compassionate, body-positive approach to the practice of yoga and empowering yogis to create the whole-hearted, purpose-filled lives they’ve always dreamed of.


I came to yoga solely looking for a workout, and I got serious about my practice when I found Bikram yoga. Every day on my lunch break, a friend and I would rush over to the studio to “sweat out the crazy,” as we used to joke—except it didn’t feel like a joke when I walked out of the studio transformed after every class. Every. Single. Class. My love affair with yoga had truly begun.

Fast-forward a few years. I needed a BIG change in my life, and I decided to take the leap of signing up for yoga teacher training. I had moved away from the rigid rules of Bikram yoga and instead was embracing the more nurturing aspects of myself and my practice. This is mainly the style of yoga that I teach and practice to this day. Teacher training absolutely changed my life—and my career. Almost a year after graduating teacher training, I quit my full-time job editing books and embarked on a new path: sharing whole-hearted wellness through the practice of yoga.

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Now I’m living that whole-hearted, purpose-filled life that I always dreamed of. I get to meet so many amazing people through my work, and I get to share what I love most of all: yoga. I am blessed to split my time between the beautiful coastal community of Charleston, South Carolina, and the majestic mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. I’m passionate about living life outside, and I love discovering great local breweries (and I love teaching yoga in them as well! See the Suds & Savasana page for more details).


Thanks for visiting my space. I would love to hear from you, whether you have general yoga questions, want to learn more about my schedule, or just want to chat (Visit my Contact page for details). I wouldn’t be on this journey without some amazing support all around me, and just by visiting this page, you’re a part of that support system. Thank you, and namaste!

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